{vaijskäskhä} {iksfjorskhá} {english}

Holidays and Festivals

The Parliament recognises the following holidays and flag days to be observed in Fyksland:

Celebrating Fyksland Day with Fireworks

New Year's Day *

1st January


6th January

Fyksland Day *

14th January

Queen Sara's Birthday

16th January

St. Valentine's Day

14th February

Ash Wednesday /
1st day of Lent ††

7th Wednesday
before Easter

Children's Day

4th April

Good Friday *

Friday before

Easter Sunday *

Sunday following
the first full moon
after spring equinox

Easter Monday *

The day after Easter

Labour Day *

1st May

European Union Day

9th May

Mother's Day

2nd Sunday of May

Crown Princess Marguerite's Birthday

15th May

Norway's National Day

17th May

Ascension Day

40 days after Easter

Whitsun †

7th Sunday after Easter

Denmark's National Day

5th June

Sweden's National Day

6th June

St. Lucia's Day *††

10th June

Iceland's National Day

17th June

Father's Day

3rd Sunday of June

Midsummer Day *

21st June

Scandinavia Day

1st Saturday of July

Memorial Day *

8th August

Flag Day

20th September

United Nation Day

24th October

King's Day *

27th October

All Saints' Day

1st November

St. Martin's Day *†

1st Monday of November

Independence Day *

16th November

Christmas Eve *

24th December

Christmas Day*

25th December

* Statuary Holiday
Not Observed in Catholic federated duchies
†† Only Observed in Catholic federated duchies
Official flag day

Flagging Protocol
- Official flagging protocols are observed on flag days along with working days for public buildings, schools and universities, foreign embassies and missions, and while the Parliament is in sessions.
- Flag is risen no earlier than 07:00 and no later than 10:00.
- Flag is lowered after sunset, at the end of government office hours, or no later than 00:00 unless the flag is illuminated at night time.
- On Memorial Day, the flag is at half mast until noon before being risen to full.
- The Royal Standard may be flown over precedence of the national flag on the birthdays of the King, the Queen, and the Crown Princess.
- The War Ensign may be flown over precedence of the national flag on Memorial Day and Independence Day.
- The Royal Standard is flown full at all times over the Royal Palace unless during a mourning period for the Royal Family or by special instruction from the King.
- The flags for UN, EU, Nordic Council, and other Scandinavian countries maybe flown along side with the national flag on the day the organisation or country is honoured.
- Except for observerance of half mast, the Fyksian flag is never lowered on the Clock Tower of the Fyksian Parliament or anywhere on the ground of the Royal Palace.

Non-Stationary official flag days:
- Election Day: Flag is risen from the time polls are opened till the conclusion of the election (1 hour after the announcement of the result).
- Census Day and the week prior.
- The day the prime minister takes office.
- Coronation Day: Optional Royal Standard is flown along side with Fyksian flag.
- The opening of the Parliament
- Half-masting is observed for a death within the royal family from the day of death to two weeks after the funeral, or till 1 month after the day of the funeral in the case of a ruling monarch.
- Half-masting is observed for one week after the funeral for a serving prime minister.
- Observerance for half mast till noon of the mourning period or sunset of the day of the funeral.
- Other half-mastings are observed by royal instruction.
- Optional war ensign can be flown during the days during warring conflicts and should not be lowered until the war is over.

The Parliament recommends official flag days, stationary or non-stationary, to be observed on private properties:
- Fyksians usually flag on birthdays of family members and many Christians choose to flag on Sundays.
- Individuals may observe half mast for whomever they wish to honour.

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