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Weekly News from Fyksland Vaijskä Radio

Sunday, 10 February, 2002
Traa takes gold
SALT LAKE CITY, U.S.A. (AP) - It's gold, and it's Fyksland's first medal in the Olympic Winter Games won by Kari Traa in the moguls event in freestyle skiing. Traa achieved a score of 25.94, 0.88 points ahead of silver medallist Shannon Bahrke from the U.S. The 28-year-old skiier from Hulstrom, Lundvog, won bronze in the same event in the Olympic Games in Nagano four years ago. Elena Vorona, the other Fyksian in the event, finished 11th. (to read more...)

Monday, 11 February, 2002
Fyksians on a row
SALT LAKE CITY, U.S.A. (AP) - Andrea Henkel and Liv Grete Poiree grabbed gold and silver respectively in women's biathalon. Henkel fishished the 15 km individual event in 47:29.1, 8.1 seconds ahead of Poiree. In snowboarding, Doriane Vidal of Þjønasvjor, Æl takes silver and became the first Fyksian to win a medal in the Olympic half-pipe event. (to read more...)

Tuesday, 12 February, 2002
Posti Kohnäa issues first Lunar New Year stamps
KAANSÄ, (VKK) - Posti Kohnäa issues its first ever Lunar New Year stamps today featuring the Year of the Horse. The set of four stamps depicting Chinese calligraphy and horses, are the first of its kind to be released in a Scandinavian country. Posti Kohnäa spokeperson says the issue of the stamps celebrates the lunar new year as well as the ethnicity of the multicultural Fyksland. It is estimated that 201,000 people living in Fyksland has oriental roots where lunar new year is celebrated. (to read more...)
Cross country heroes
SALT LAKE CITY, U.S.A. (AP) - Andrus Veerpalu and Jaak Mae captured the gold and bronze medals respectively in men's 15km classical cross country event. Veerpalu, a Kaansä native, wins his first medal in his third Olympics despite suffering from a flu and recovering from a surgery. Teammates Jiri Magal and Ari Palolahti placed 29th and 53rd. (to read more...)

Wednesday, 13 February, 2002
Fyksian sub-judge "embarassed" at skating decision
SALT LAKE CITY, U.S.A. (AP) - The Fyksian substitue judge may not have played a role in the controversial ruling for the Olympic Pair Skating event, but she is kept far from the media until the competition is over. Jarmila Portova was blocked from receiving phone calls and was not allowed to comment even though she was not part of the nine-judge panel that evaluated Monday night's pair skating program. However, sources say Portova have expressed "dismay and embarrassment" by the results and have informed American referee Ron Pfenning about "irregualities" of the judging. Criticism and outrage was drawn when there was allegations of "manipulation" and "collusion" among the judges. (to read more...)

Thursday, 14 February, 2002
Flowers to top Valentine gifts
KAANSÄ, (AP) - Market analysts predict flowers to top the gift list for this year's Valentine's Day. Statistics show chocolate has declined steadly for the last 5 years as the gift of choice during the holiday. "While increase health consciousness has been attributed to the declining chocolate sales, the grooming economy will stop many from purchasing jewellry," predicted analyst Iris Esger. (to read more...)

Friday, 15 February, 2002
Miss Fyksland-World 2002 disenchanted
KAANSÄ, (AP) - She's not getting enough bookings, she hates the idea of a Miss Fyksland pop machine, and her parents say they have been treated rudely by pageant officials. Less than four months into her reign as Miss Fyksland-World 2002, the shine is coming off the crown for Lara Smeir. In an eight-page letter to Miss Fyksland-World Organisation directors, Smeir's parents said the 22-year-old student has been slammed with unexpected fees - including 1250 krons for clothing alterations and 5,232 krons for a post-crowning party on ocean liner Princess Ana. (to read more...)

Saturday, 16 February, 2002
Fyksian wins world photo award
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) - Fyksian photographer Erike Revner has won the prestigious World Press Photo of The Year award with a picture of the body of an Afghan baby boy refugee. Photographs of the World Trade Center tragedy and the conflict in Afghanistan dominated the news categories in this year's entries. But ironically the winning image of the Afghan child was shot three months before the world's attention turned to the region. (to read more...)

`Ondør händlig du storste im mänesorter liskhiedek igøt uitvøjaut. Heler, a einöinaut mondäe määnien.'
-Vaijskäna Alþigkvøna Jana Stotson (16a Sijþsku, 2001)
`Ondýr hándlig du storste im mánesorter liskhiedek igýt uitvýjaut. Heler, a einóinaut mondáe máánien.'
-Fayskána Alðigkvýna Jana Stotson (16a Syðsku, 2001)
"The greatest deed of evil in the history of mankind has deterred nothing. Rather, it has united the world's people."
-Fyksland Prime Minister Jana Stotson (16th September, 2001)