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Sunday, 5 May, 2002
Princess to return home for treatment
LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) - Princess Juliana who has been diagnosed with lung cancer will be returning to Fyksland for chemotherapy treatment, said the Princess' care attendant from Lausanne, Switzerland. The Duchess of Linvog has been hospitalised in the Swiss city for observation since last Wednesday. Doctors say the Princess' condition is stable enough for her to be transferred to another hospital. The Princess will be transfered to St. Maartin Hospital in Kaansä on Monday. (to read more...)

Monday, 6 May, 2002
Dutch politician killing hit close to home
KAANSÄ (AP) - As Fyksian leaders lament the assassination of Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn, few can relate similar political intensity as Jana Stotson and her party was campaigning for the 1995 Federal Election. Stotson and her Christian Democratic Party were gaining support on anti-immigration and anti-EU platforms. At that time, Stotson claimed her policy was not racist, saying that immigrants that are already here must assimilate to the tolerant and liberal Fyksian society before more immigrants can be allowed in. Stotson's policy, similar to that of Fortuyn did not advocate sending immigrants back but instead she advocated stemming the influx. "Fyksland is full," she said. (to read more...)

Tuesday, 7 May, 2002
Stotson escapes fatal car crash
NIEKOPENHAAG, Jølantä (VKK) - Prime Minister Jana Stotson and her envoy narrowly escape what would have been a fatal car crash 24 kilometers northwest of Niekopenhaag Tuesday afternoon. Stotson and four of her campaign staff recieved minor to critical injuries when a vehicle from the opposite lane swirled into the three-vehicle Prime Minister envoy. The driver of that vehicle was killed instantly. The Prime Minister's envoy was heading to Niekopenhaag for a party convention. Stotson suffers neck and back injuries whilst three of her staff were emitted under intensive care. Her campaign manager Henrek Meir is in stable condition. (to read more...)

Wednesday, 8 May, 2002
Purely an accident: police
NIEKOPENHAAG, Jølantä (VKK) - Preliminary investigation shows yesterday's fatal car accident killing one and injuring Prime Minister Jana Stotson and her staff was an accident. Autopsy has shown no alcohol or drugs were involved in the accident. According to the latest report from the Jølantä Police, mechanical failure was the immediate cause of the accident. Meanwhile, Stotson and her staff are in stable condition at the Aarspro Hospital in Niekopenhaag. (to read more...)
Opponents sympathetic to Stotson's accident
KAANSÄ (AP) - Most political opponent have expressed sympathies to yesterday's accident injuring the Prime Minister and four of her staff. "We all wish her speedy recovery and her return to the Alþig," said Liberal Party leader Riet Skoetli. Political observers say Stotson's injury may help her campaign with sympathy votes. Though not everyone agrees. Ultra-right wing Skridtsig Lantäa (National Movement) leader Joerger Hailer was quoted saying: "Obviously Stotson did not ask for God's protection before her trip." (to read more...)

Thursday, 9 May, 2002
Fyksian trade takes unexpected turn
KAANSÄ (AP) - Fyksland's trade surplus widened more than expected in March as exports outpaced imports in a sign that companies are starting to benefit from recovering foreign demand, official data showed on Wednesday. The surplus grew to 24.6 billion krons in March from 18.7 billion krons in February, the Department of Trade and Commerce said. "The trade balance is surprisingly strong, given that oil prices rose strongly in March, which pushes imports - so this shows strong exports, which is good news," said Krista Reise at Vaijskär Paanki Ætlantika (The Atlantic Bank of Fyksland). (to read more...)

Friday, 10 May, 2002
Death of a Princess
KAANSÄ (VKK) - Princess Juliana, Duchess of Linvog has died in her sleep at the age of 56, the Lækvogøn Palace has announced. The Princess died at 21:40 at St. Maartin Hospital in Kaansä with her niece King Jaakot IV by her bedside. She had been hospitalised since last Wednesday in Switzerland and later flown back to Fyksland for treatment. A heavy smoker of over 30 years, Princess Juliana was diagnosed with lung cancer in its terminal phase last Wednesday with her condition deteriorating rapidly the following week. The Princess' family has been informed, said Lækvogøn Palace. A notice informing the public of the Princess' death was placed outside Lækvogøn Palace. (to read more...)

Saturday, 11 May, 2002
Aunty dearest: King
KAANSÄ (VKK) - On a televised tribute, King Jaakot IV has described late Princess Juliana as a comforting and endearing figure. King Jaakot said the Princess was almost like his friend. Born in 1945, Princess Juliana was a younger sister of late Crown Prince Olav, the father of King Jaakot. "Our hearts are with her mother Princess Lauraine and her children Vridirik and Klaudia," said King Jaakot. (to read more...)
Outpouring tribute for Princess
KAANSÄ (VKK) - Many Fyksians woke up to the news of the death of Princess Juliana Saturday morning, which overtook regular programming on most television networks. Princess Juliana passed away at the age of 56 late last night after being diagosed of lung cancer less than two weeks ago. By Saturday noon, thousands of mourners have already flocked to the Princess' official residence at Amelienvog Palace to lay flowers and tributes. "We are in shock, all of Fyksland is in shock," said one mourner. (to read more...)

`Ondør händlig du storste im mänesorter liskhiedek igøt uitvøjaut. Heler, a einöinaut mondär määnien.'
-Vaijskäna Alþigkvøna Jana Stotson (16a Sijþsku, 2001)
`Ondýr hándlig du storste im mánesorter liskhiedek igýt uitvýjaut. Heler, a einóinaut mondár máánien.'
-Fayskána Alðigkvýna Jana Stotson (16a Syðsku, 2001)
"The greatest deed of evil in the history of mankind has deterred nothing. Rather, it has united the world's people."
-Fyksland Prime Minister Jana Stotson (16th September, 2001)