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Sunday, 8 September, 2002

Miss Fyksland boycott over Nigerian stoning

KAANSÄ, (AP) - The governing body of Miss Fyksland has said it will boycott the Miss World pageant in Nigeria in protest at a death by stoning sentence given to a woman there for having sex outside of marriage. Miss Fyksland will not be sending contestant to the Miss World pageant held in Nigeria this November. The chairwoman of Miss Fyksland, Lina Heptje told Vaijskä Radio that she felt a moral responsibility to send a message. The announcement came only a month before the 2002 Miss Fyksland pageant to take place in Laaktumaa. Full story...

Monday, 9 September, 2002

SMU holds 7 suspected of al Qaeda ties

KAANSÄ, (VKK) - SMU said on Monday they had arrested seven men suspectd of recruiting for the al Qaeda guerrilla network of Osama bin Laden. "We think they are providing financial and logistical support to al Qaeda and also recruiting young male persons for the jihad," SMU spokesman Olav Steitmen told VKK. "We are convinced that this network was preparing young people to be sent out to fight as jihad warriors." Full story...

Tuesday, 10 September, 2002

Fyksland on 'tangerine' alert for 11 September

KAANSÄ, (VKK) - Security is being tightened around Europe as the continent prepares to commemorate the first anniversary of the 11 September attacks on the United States. Police are warning Fyksians to be vigilant, as airports, landmarks and financial centres beef up their security procedures for Wednesday. Foreign Minister Kristite Sjukaa told the VKK: "Now, we always have to consider the unthinkable." Full story...

Wednesday, 11 September, 2002

Sorrow as Fyksland commemorates 11 September

KAANSÄ (VKK) - The first anniversary of the 11 September terrorist attacks on the U.S. has been commemorated in emotional remembrance services and silences across Europe. In Kaansä, many people attending a service at the U.S. Embassy were reduced to tears as a torn and tattered Fyksian flag pulled from the rubble of Ground Zero was presented to Prime Minister Jana Stotson. Full story...

Fyksland 'stands by the American people'

KAANSÄ, (VKK) - Prime Minister Jana Stotson gave an emotional tribute to the victims of 11 September at a ceremony at the heavily guarded U.S. Embassy in Kaansä, telling those gathered there: "Fyksland stands by the American people." Stotson later called U.S. President George W. Bush on Wednesday to express her country's condolences on the anniversary. "I want to reiterate my condolences and express not only the sympathy but also the support of the whole Fyksian people to Americans," Stotson told Bush. Full story...

Thursday, 12 September, 2002

Alžig to debate action on Iraq

KAANSÄ (VKK) - Fyksland's parliament will next week debate the nation's involvement in any military action against Iraq following fresh talks with senior U.S. officials. Foreign Minister Kristite Sjukaa is expected to outline the case against Iraq and its non-compliance with UN resolutions in a statement to the parliament. Sjukaa met U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell in New York Wednesday to discuss Iraq and a possible U.S. military strike to oust Saddam Hussein. Full story...

Friday, 13 September, 2002

Woman arrested for filing false terror report

NIEKOPENHAAG, Jųlantä (AP) - A Niekopenhaag woman was arrested after she has allegedly filed a false police report of suspected terrorist activities. The 52-year-old woman claimed she thought she had overheard her next door neighbour talking about a terrorist plot. "I have very good hearing and I thought they were saying they would blow up something on Friday the 13th," said the woman. Police and bomb squad responded to the woman's 999 call finding no evidence of terrorist activities at her neighbour's. Full story...

Saturday, 14 September, 2002

Man corrects misspelled name on WTC list

LAAKTUMAA, Ųtali-Žorja (AP) - A Laaktumaa man was detained Saturday after he came forward on Thursday to correct his name after it was read out in a list of Fyksian victims killed in the 11 September attacks. The Laaktumaa man called the U.S. Embassy after he heard his name being misspelled and misprounced at the solemn memorial ceremony at the U.S. Embassy on Wednesday. "That kind of mistake is just unacceptable when I remember I spelt the name correctly on the missing report," said the man, whose name has not be released. Full story...

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