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Sunday, 22 September, 2002

Ex-PM's affair exposed

KAANSÄ, (AP) - Tabloit newspaper Kaansä Kosmose has published a series of diary extracts belonging to Rona Þoson, exposing a four-year long affair with former Prime Minister Sonja Haansgrøl-Liman. The diary revealed Haansgrøl-Liman was having an extramarital affair with former Liberal campaign manager Rona Þoson, which ended last year. Full story...

Monday, 23 September, 2002

Junction collapse kills 14

KAANSÄ, (VKK) - At least 14 people are killed after a ramp has collapsed at one of the nation's most elaborate interchanges. A ramp linking Köhnät Straat and Odøn Bridge in Ælsä, Linutaa collapsed at 7:25 this morning killing at least 14 commuters and injuring over hundred others. Known locally as the "Spaghetti Junction", the interchange was finished in 1974 to improve transferring among four major throughfares. Full story...

Stotson pledges full scale investigation

KAANSÄ (VKK) - After an inspection of the "Spaghetti Junction" collapse site, Prime Minister Jana Stotson pledges a full scale investigation into the cause of what was branded as the worst highway disaster in Fyksian history. "I want reports, I want answers, I want to know who is responsible," demanded Stotson. Full story...

Tuesday, 24 September, 2002

Haansgrøl-Liman admits affair

NIEKOPENHAAG, Jølantä (VKK) - Former Prime Minister Sonja Haansgrøl-Liman has been forced to admit an affair with a Liberal colleague started six years after she had married businessman Jön Liman in 1991. Haansgrøl-Liman confirmed the affair with Rona Þoson to the press after a tabloit paper has published extracts from Þoson's diaries. Haansgrøl-Liman served as Fyksland's Prime Minister between 1986 and 1990. Full story...

Wednesday, 25 September, 2002

Bridge collapse caused by failed pier

KAANSÄ (VKK) - A team of experts have isolated the cause of the Monday's highway disaster that have caused 16 people dead and 113 injured. According to experts and forensic scientists, a truck was believed to have hit one of the supporting pier of the ramp, causing it to collapse. "We believe the truck was travelling at legal speed and the truck driver was not under the influence," said Ian Ponse, the head of the investigation team. The truck driver, who was killed in the accident, could not be reached for comments. Full story...

Thursday, 26 September, 2002

Queen Lauraine's health worsens

KAANSÄ (VKK) - Doctors are saying the health of Royal Grandmother Queen Lauraine is deteriorating. The ailing royal, who has just celebrated her 89th birthday on Saturday, has not been able to eat "for days", according to Lækvogøn Palace spokesperson. The Royal Grandmother was hopitalised just a month ago during an official visit in Asia. She has since cancelled all public appearances following doctor's advice. Full story...

Friday, 27 September, 2002

Catholic church apologises for abuse

SINTE LUSIE, Sinte Lusie (VKK) - Fyksland's Roman Catholic Church has apologised to victims of sexual abuse by priests, admitting it failed to deal adequately with the problem. The church also pledged new vigilance to deal with abuse and prevent it in the future. Bishops meeting in St. Luse this week agreed on new guidelines for handling sexual abuse by priests. Full story...

Saturday, 28 September, 2002

Anti-war march in Kaansä

KAANSÄ (AP) - Anti-war demonstrators are marching through Kaansä calling on Europe and America to abandon military plans for Iraq. Organisers had said it would be one of the largest anti-war protests ever to be held in Fyksland, but early police estimates indicated up to 20,000 had turned up rather than the 50,000 hoped for. U.S. President George W. Bush, supported by UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, is leading the call for a new U.N. Security Council resolution that would threaten military action against Iraq unless it complies with demands on re-admitting weapons inspectors. Full story...

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