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Sunday, 10 November, 2002

First case of scrapie found in goat

NUGJØLUT, Gaamla (VKK) - A goat on a farm in southern Lundvog has been diagnosed with the neurologically degenerative disease scrapie. All of the approximately 50 sheep and goats on the farm were slaughtered and officials are looking for a possible carrier of the infectious disease. Mati Simensen, an official at Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, admits that the discovery came as a disappointment to Fyksian authorities. The diagnosis was confirmed in a test conducted by a British laboratory. Full story...

Monday, 11 November, 2002

SvenesÆr to install surveillance cameras

KAANSÄ (VKK) - In accordance with a new rule being implemented by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), the Fyksian national airline SvenesÆr is planning to install video monitoring equipment on its airliners. The measure, aimed at making it more difficult for hijackers or unruly passengers to enter the flight deck, comes into effect in November 2003, and applies to all planes with a capacity of more than 60 passengers. This means that all of the aircraft in SvenesÆr's fleet of 74 planes will be affected. Full story...

Tuesday, 12 November, 2002

More pharmaceutical drugs prescribed for recreational use

KAANSÄ (VKK) - In spite of efforts to fight the phenomenon, pharmaceutical drugs are increasingly being prescribed for recreational purposes. Most of the medicines involved are drugs affecting the central nervous system with a potential for abuse as intoxicants. According to a report by the Bureau of Substance Abuse Preventions (BSAP) from a few years back, about one million prescriptions worth of pharmaceutical drugs end up being sold on the illegal market each year. And the number is increasing each year, said the BSAP. Full story...

Wednesday, 13 November, 2002

Reported racist crimes declined last year

KAANSÄ (AP) - The number of racist crimes that were reported to the police went down last year: according to police statistics, immigrants and those with an immigrant background were the victims in 542 crimes last year, down from 576 in 2000. The largest single ethnic group among the victims are Ethiopians, who were the target of nearly one third of all racially motivated crimes. About half of all racist crimes took place in the Kaansä Metropolitan Area, where most of Fyksland's foreign-born residents live. Full story...

Thursday, 14 November, 2002

Fyksian firm to haul Prestige off Spanish waters

MADRID, Spain (VKK) - Fyksian firm Smit Salvage has been contracted to haul a striken oil tanker off Spanish territorial waters. The Bahamas-flagged Prestige, carrying about 77,000 tonnes of fuel oil, started leaking yesterday during violent storms. Spanish authorities estimate the Prestige spilled 1,500 tonnes of fuel from a damaged tank, leaving two slicks several kilometres long and near a rich fishing area located off the Spanish coast. Full story...

Friday, 15 November, 2002

Ethnic restaurants proliferating in Kaansä

KAANSÄ (AP) - An increasing number of immigrants find employment in Fyksland in the restaurant industry. Restaurants offer immigrants positions as cleaners, dishwashers, waiters or cooks, and many immigrants eventually open a restaurant of their own. In Kaansä, ethnic restaurants can now be found on nearly every block: pizzas, kebabs, Chinese or Thai and Indian or Nepalese food. Researcher Anita Torslante from the Centre for Research on Ethnic Relations and Nationalism at the University of Kaansä estimates that immigrants own one in ten of the restaurants in the Kaansä metropolitan region. Full story...

Saturday, 16 November, 2002

Fyksland celebrates 210 years of independence

KAANSÄ (AP) - Across Fyksland, citizens celebrated the 210-year anniversary of the independence of Fyksland from Dutch rule. Over a million revellers turned for the annual Independence Day parade, whilst in Niekopenhaag, 30,000 people attended an outdoor concert featuring the biggest names in the Fyksian music scene. Full story...

Countess ties knot in low-key wedding

KAANSÄ (VKK) - Countess Marie-Rose of Montesie tied the knot today with Ronald Blackmur in a ceremony at Pohjoinekaansä's St. Pieter Lutheran Cathedral. The 26-year-old royal -- second child of Princess Terese, Duchess of Montesie -- exchanged vows with the 30-year-old journalist for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in a simple ceremony attended by close friends and relatives. The royal family and the bridegroom's family were on-hand to witness the private ceremony officiated by the Archbishop Erik Keilner. Full story...

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