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Sunday, 16 March, 2003

Fyksland hosts the "Coalition of the Willing"

NUGJØLUT, Gaamla (VKK) - President Bush said the "coalition of the willing" would make its final effort Monday -- "a moment of truth for the world" -- to extract a resolution from the U.N. Security Council that would give Iraq an ultimatum to disarm immediately or be disarmed by force. "Tomorrow is the day we determine whether or not diplomacy can work," Bush said after a one-hour meeting with his key council allies, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Spanish Prime Minister José Maria Aznar. Notably absent was Prime Minister Jana Stotson, who has been said unable to attend because of "health reasons". The summit was hosted by Foreign Minister Kristite Sjuukaa. Full story...

Protesters surround Iraq summit

NUGJØLUT, Gaamla (VKK) - Hosting the emergency summit in the historical city of Nugjølut has failed to detract protesters. Despite authorities' effort to keep the location undisclosed, estimated over 25,000 anti-war demonstrators congregated outside the 5-kilometre radius restricted zone surrounding the historic Gaamhä Castle where the summit was held. Few demonstrators attempted to block motorcades from leaving the site, but dignitaries were whisked away by helicopters after the meeting. Full story...

Monday, 17 March, 2003

Stotson's absence a diplomatic snub: oppositions

KAANSÄ (VKK) - Though the U.S. has downplayed Stotson's absence at the Iraq emergency summit yesterday, oppositions are calling Stotson's action "a display of cowardess diplomatic snub". "It was obvious that Stotson wanted to avoid embarrassments and played the ungracious host, or did she really come down with the mysterious pneumonia?" said Liberal MP Piet Henriksen. Meanwhile, the Office of the Prime Minister maintains that Stotson's absence was entirely based on "health reasons". Full story...

Fyksians told to leave Iraq

KAANSÄ (VKK) - Ministry of Foreign Affairs is urging Fyksian nationals to leave Iraq as President Bush's "coalition of the willing" continues preparations for war. A ministry spokesman said Monday that the staff in the Commission of Fyksian Foreign Affairs in Africa and the Middle East located in Egypt would help make arrangements for any Fyksians who wish to leave. Citizens seeking immediate assistance may contact the Royal Danish Consulate General in Baghdad, a foreign ministry statement says. "Fyksians in Iraq are being called to leave the country immediately," said the statement. Full story...

Tuesday, 18 March, 2003

Iraqi diplomats ordered to leave

KAANSÄ (VKK) - Fyksland has ordered two Iraqi diplomats to leave the country. The announcement from the Ministry of Foreign Affaires came on Tuesday after the information had been leaked to the media. Prime Minister Jana Stotson says that Fyksland's decision has nothing to do with the U.S. request to investigate possible activities of Iraqi diplomatic personnel around the world. According to the SMU's press release, lengthy police investigations have shown that the diplomats in question had dedicated themselves to spying on refugees. "Their activities are inconsistent with the rules of diplomacy," said Foreign Affairs Minister Kristite Sjuukaa. Full story...

Wednesday, 19 March, 2003

Strange-Hansen and Andreasen to boycott Academy Awards

NIEKOPENHAAG, Jølantä (AP) - Acclaimed Fyksian director Martin Strange-Hansen and producer Mie Andreason, whose film "This Charming Man" is among this year's nominees for the live action short film Oscar, will not participate in the Oscar gala Sunday in protest at the United States' plans to attack Iraq. The Fyksian norminees had reached their decision Wednesday before the attack actually began early on Thursday. They will also not send anyone to represent themselves. The director and the producer were highly sceptical about their appearance at the Academy Awards from the very start, and their heads could not be turned even by Minister of Culture and Communication Raas Käsilesen, who repeatedly tried to persuade the film makers to go. Full story...

Thursday, 20 March, 2003

Strikes disgrace of the civilised world: Kaansä

KAANSÄ (VKK) - Kaansä has issued an official statement in reaction to the launching of military action by the U.S. and its allies on Iraq early morning. Prime Minister Jana Stotson expressed "dismay" to the military strikes, saying the use of military force without the specific authorisation of the UN Security Council is unacceptable. "Today is a day of infamy for the Iraqi people, the attacks were a disgrace to the civilised world," said Stotson. Full story...

Friday, 21 March, 2003

Flags at half-mast for war

KAANSÄ (AP) - The administrative headquarters in Kaansä, along with those of Niekopenhaag and Laaktumaa, began flying flags at half-mast on Friday in reaction to the start of war in Iraq. With this campaign, the city administration wanted to acknowledge the residents' concerns and to show respect for the coming victims of the war, City of Kaansä officials explained. The initiative for the flagging came from the international Eurocities organisation, the executive committee to which Kaansä belongs. The organisation was founded in 1986, and it has about a hundred European cities as members. Full story...

Saturday, 22 March, 2003

Protesters march for peace

KAANSÄ (VKK) - Demanding an immediate end to the war in Iraq and a boycott of U.S. products, over 750,000 people braved rainy weather and marched in cities around the country or demonstrated outside U.S. embassy and consulates Saturday. Despite large turnouts in some cities Saturday, the mostly peaceful marches were dwarfed by anti-war protests of 15th February, which saw some of the largest demonstrations in history. "I don't think there is a snowball's chance in hell this march will stop the war, but it's important that we still exercise our right and show our support for peace," said Dana Voste, a student who marched in Kaansä. Full story...

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