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Sunday, 18 May, 2003

Capital Region to start surveillance of carpool lanes

KAANSÄ (AP) - Police around the Capital Region will begin monitoring carpool/bus lanes in many of its municipalities with cameras on Monday. Portable digital cameras will be set up along many of the Region's arterial roads, photographing both the licence plate of the vehicle and the face of the driver. Traffic tickets will arrive by mail to violators. The initiative has been pushed the Capital Region Commission for years until enough city governments have agreed to allocate manpower and funding from their usually under-funded police forces. Full story...

Monday, 19 May, 2003

Strong euro puts halt on rally

KAANSÄ (VKK) - European markets slid Monday as the euro charged to a new four-year high and dented investor hopes for a rebound in company profits. Volatile insurance stocks such as Allianz and Aegon led across the board falls as investors called time on the market's 22-percent rally from March's six-year lows and as shares shrunk back from Friday's four-month highs. Lonza stood out among the decliners after the Swiss specialty chemicals group slashed its 2003 outlook just weeks after the firm's chief executive had promised improvements. Full story...

Tuesday, 20 May, 2003

14 acquitted of terrorism charges

NIEKOPENHAAG, Jųlantä (VKK) - A Jųlantä court has acquitted 14 men accused of plotting suicide attacks against Western interests and recruiting for terrorist groups. The court ruled there was no evidence to support allegations that the men belonged to a unspecified criminal organization which was thought to be providing support to al Qaeda and Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. The 14 men were arrested last year in a series of raids across Fyksland. All the defendants were ordered to be released, although three were convicted on lesser charges of possessing false passports and forgery. Full story...

FV leadership up for grabs

PORTI IKSTIS, Viske (VKK) - The incarceration of former Fiskżr Vriegetufórsid (Liberation Front of Viske) leader Mįgnus Hįroldson nine months earlier for the Porti Ikstis bombing in Porti Ikstis has left the party in a power vaccum. Whilst the party leader position was temporary replaced by Żtil Pileršusen of Sįlżsvik-Tuumgar -- the only FV member in the Alžig, -- the party activities were decidedly subdued. The two members of the legislature kept to their seats in the Assembly whilst the party lost a quarter of its membership. Pileršusen and party members have unanimously decided that it's time to formally draft out new party policies and elect a new leader. The leadership convention will be held between 9th and 11th July. Full story...

Wednesday, 21 May, 2003

New leader must have more moderate agenda: Pileršusen

PORTI IKSTIS, Viske (VKK) - Following yesterday's announcement of the party's intention to elect a new leader, temporary Fiskżr Vriegetufórsid's leader Żtil Pileršusen said the FV has never supported terrorist acts and that the party must advocate its goals through democracy. The arrest and the conviction of the former FV leader Mįgnus Hįroldson has left the separatist party in a verge of disintegration. Several party members have come forth to contest party leadership after Pileršusen has put himself as the forth runner of the race. Party conventions held thorughout this month and June will devise new party direction and strategies. Full story...

Thursday, 22 May, 2003

Fyksland pleased over lifted Iraq sanctions

UNITED NATIONS (VKK) - The U.N. Security Council voted Thursday to lift sanctions against Iraq after almost 13 years and to give the United States and Great Britain authority to control the country until an elected government is in place. Resolution 1483 passed by a 14-0 vote, with no abstentions. Syria's ambassador to the United Nations was not present and did not participate in the vote. Dana Rötnheimer, Fyksland's ambassador to the United Nations, said that "it is time for the Iraqi people to benefit from their natural resources" after being frozen out of the world's economy under Saddam Hussein's rule. Rötnheimer is optimistic that Fyksian trade with Iraq can soon resume. Full story...

Friday, 23 May, 2003

FV candidate promises sovereign Viske

PORTI IKSTIS, Viske (VKK) - Announcing his candidacy for the new Fiskżr Vriegetufórsid leader, Peter Ingridson of Porti Ikstis said in a press conference today that once choosen as the leader of the FV, he will continue to advocate separatism and bring sovereignty to Viske. A corporate lawyer educated in Kaansä, Ingridson promises that sovereignty will come when the people of Viske demands it through democratic means. Ingridson also vows to improved the much tarnished image of his party. Full story...

Saturday, 24 May, 2003

Fyksian labour wages among highest in the world

Kaansä (AP) - According to the new wage statistics released yesterday compiled by the Confederation of Fyksian Industry and Employers, the total labour costs of Fyksian industrial employees were the fifth highest in the world last year. The total cost includes both wages and all indirect costs, such as mandatory employers' social security payments. Norway has the most expensive industrial workers: Norwegian employers pay over 29 euros per each hour of work. Germany, Switzerland and Denmark are also more expensive than Fyksland. In Fyksland, one industrial employee costs 23.89 euros per hour on average. Full story...

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